Announcement: our team will not continue with SUNURU

We feel our initial ambitions of building a scalable company by reducing the cost of solar can’t be met within this project anymore, and thus had to make the difficult decision to stop.

From the beginning our goal was clear: We were going to make solar cheaper and better accessible. Our ambition was to setup a scalable company that would revolutionize the solar market worldwide. Our approach: use less material to do more.

Through endless customer interviews and workshops with suppliers, we unraveled that we were not going to be cost-competitive with our approach and that the design-niche we found was a bad fit with the skills and ambitions of the team:


In the current solar industry we couldn’t find a product-market fit

Most solar projects are third-party financed. With solar financing still in its infancy, risk minimization is all-important. This makes the road to market for a new product a long and expensive one; customer requirements are high: In terms of track record, certification, guarantees and balance sheet. In the volatile and fast growing solar market, there is little need for extra technical risk that comes along with our new approach.


Product costs are higher than expected

During joint development our approach turned out to be too costly to compete on price. This means we were destined to serve a design-focused niche.


 Upcoming challenges don’t fit the team’s capabilities, passions and ambitions

The new design-niche opportunity and associated challenges are so significantly different that we aren’t the right people anymore to take this further.


SUNURU & aesthetics – We still see a future for the concept

We still strongly believe there is a future for better-designed solar energy in urban environments. Solar is all about costs today, but we can’t neglect that it shares its space with buildings. When a building is designed, besides costs, aspects like appearance are extremely important. We believe solar will have to move that way too and that the SUNURU concept can play a role.


What’s next?

We are going to spend time on finding a suitable follow-up for the project. And the whole team is infected by the entrepreneurship virus and are all looking forward to put the countless lessons to work in a next project!


Thank you and if you have questions on your mind: Contact us!

SUNURU was built with the help of many, many supporters and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of them. We would like to give a special thanks to Joris Hooijberg and Sjaak Verburg for all their hours of support and Climate KIC, STW and YES!Delft for educating us and supporting us with their network. If after this story you have questions, or want to talk some more, please feel free to call or email us:

Jan – +31 6 24 60 33 22 –

Joost – +31 6 21 10 67 01 –

Leonard – +31 6 41 61 65 27 –

Thomas – +31 6 47 51 46 70 –


 Luckily, new challenges await all of us:

Jan is currently starting up the venture generator, unlocking the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the industry. The Venture Generator will bring the flexible and efficient startup culture to the industry, and it will bring the pains, gains & state of art knowledge from industry into the worlds of talented entrepreneurs.

Thomas & Joost are working on, revolutionizing the way Dutch mortgage owners will experience and manage their personal financials. By providing a simple, fun and interactive web application, controlling your mortgage never was this easy and interesting.

Leonard is currently working with Sonion, sharpening his project-management skills and always on the lookout for future opportunities.

The future is bright! Thomas & Jan